Crescent Moon Rainbow Wood Necklace • Silver | Easy Clasp


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This design handcrafted in our studio, features a Argentium® Silver 935  setting and chain which complements a beautiful shaped and polished free-form petrified rainbow wood crescent moon shaped pendant  handpicked for its unique coloring and composition.


► What Sets It Apart

  • Ease of Use: The custom hammered S hook clasp ensures simple and hassle-free wearing and easy on/off.
  • Elegant Shine: Argentium boasts a stunning, lasting shine that’s also resistant to tarnishing.
  • Versatile: Pendant is reversible to show another side of the unique coloring and composition.
  • Eco-Friendly: We’re all about sustainability! The materials used are eco-conscious and nature-friendly.  Argentium Silver is made from 100% recycled silver and our rocks and gemstones are provided from nature itself.
  • Perfectly Presented: Your necklace arrives beautifully packaged in a gift box, adorned with a white ribbon. It’s like receiving a delightful surprise, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one!”


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The Details:

    • Materials: Petrified Rainbow Wood and Argentium® 935 Silver


    • Height: 1.47 ~ 37.5mm
    • Width 2.75″ ~ 70mm
    • Depth: .329″ ~ 8.37mm


  • Length 18″ ~ 457.2 mm x Width 0.15″ ~ 4 mm
  • Please note: Petrified Rainbow Wood Rock is the one used for crafting is not for sale.
  • Packaged in gift box with white satin bow.


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