Petrified Rainbow Wood, Argentium 935 Silver, Handcut Polished, USA, Perfect Gift for All


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Come across this beautiful pendant made from Petrified Rainbow Wood found in Arizona’s Petrified Forest. It’s been carefully polished by hand to reveal its stunning charm and vintage appearance. Hanging from a unique and elegant Argentium® Silver bail and setting, this piece is sure to capture your attention and become a cherished part of your jewelry collection.

Extra Nuggets of Info:

    • Easy to Wear: The 18″ length is just right for most necklines, making it super comfy to wear all day.
    • Versatile: Pendant is Removable.
    • Natural Beauty: The petrified rainbow wood pendant boasts unique coloring and patterns, making each piece one-of-a-kind.
    • Eco-Friendly: We’re all about sustainability! The materials used are eco-conscious and nature-friendly.  Argentium Silver is made from 100% recycled silver and our rocks and gemstones are provided from nature itself.
    • Ready to Gift: It comes in that cool gift box you see in the picture, so it’s ready to give to someone special or treat yourself!


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The Details:

  • Materials: Petrified Rainbow Wood and Tarnish Resistant Premium Argentium® Silver
  • Dimensions: Length 1.38″ ~ 35.05mm x width .75″ ~ 19.05mm (Length includes bail)
  • Handwork: Cabochon
  • Origin: Petrified Forest in Arizona
  • Chain Included: Length: 18″ x  Width: .066″ ~ 1.7 mm Argentium 935 Silver
  • Please note: The Petrified Rainbow Wood stone is the actual one used for crafting and is for illustrative purposes only, not for sale.
  • Packaging: Presented in a gift box with a white satin ribbon.


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