Chris Capkovic is an American artist, lapidarist and inventor, based in Missouri.  His journey into lapidary and jewelry-making was sparked by a significant event during WWII in Burma.

His father, a member of the Army Aircorp glider infantry, took military gliders into the Burmese jungle to combat the Japanese and establish airfields.

While walking through a battlefield, he noticed a jade stone roughly the size of a softball. Intrigued, he picked it up and carried it with him throughout the war. After returning home, he had the stone slabbed and cut to create a ring for his wife, Chris’s mother. When he passed away, he left Chris the jade, and that became the catalyst for his own journey in this craft.

Over the years, he committed himself to mastering the skills of lapidary and jewelry crafting, continuing to hone his skills.  Ultimately, he founded his own studio, enabling him to continue enhancing his expertise in crafting exquisite jewelry and lapidary creations, as well as introducing his innovative creation, The Elkhorn Silver™ Jump Ring Jig.


That lucky piece of jade, has held cherished memories of his father, and has become a symbol of his own journey.  This piece of jade has guided him down the path of lapidary and jewelry-making, carrying with it the legacy and significance of his shared history with this father.

Meet the Team

Chris and Kathy work as a team exploring new designs and hunting for the best stones pushing the boundaries to deliver extraordinary, handcrafted jewelry and lapidary creations that leave a lasting impression. Our passion is provide a high quality creation that will last for years to come.