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Handcrafted 6mm Argentium Silver Cuff Bracelet with Open Design for Adjustable Fit

Handcrafted 6mm Argentium Silver Cuff Bracelet with Open Design for Adjustable Fit

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Add a touch of elegance to your accessory collection with this exquisite 6mm low dome cuff bracelet. Crafted by hand in our studio, this stylish bracelet is made from solid sterling Argentium® 935 Silver, ensuring a radiant shine that will last. The open design allows for easy adjustability, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit on your wrist. Elevate your look with this gleaming piece that not only adds brilliance but also provides extra protection from tarnishing. Perfect for everyday wear or special occasions, this cuff bracelet is a versatile and timeless addition to any jewelry collection.

► Features We Believe You'll Adore:
Earth-Friendly Choice: Argentium is made from 100% Recycled Silver, a premium silver option that contains more silver than traditional 925 Sterling Silver.
Distinctive: Every single piece we create is meticulously handcrafted in our Missouri studio, ensuring its one-of-a-kind uniqueness.
Gift-Ready: Presented in a stylish gift box, this bracelet is ready to be shared with a special someone or enjoyed as a personal treat.

►The Details:
▪️Materials: Solid premium Argentium® .935 silver
▪️Handwork: Each item is Handcrafted - High Polish Finish
▪️Opening 1"
💎How to find your cuff bracelet size💎
The size of the cuff bracelet you choose depends on the circumference of your wrist and your personal preference on the fit of the bracelet.

1. Measure Your Wrist: Use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string to measure the circumference of your wrist at the point where you intend to wear the cuff bracelet.
2. Deduct the opening gap: Subtract 1” from your wrist size for the opening gap of this cuff bracelet.
3. Consider Your Fit Preference: Depending on whether you prefer a snug fit or a looser fit, you can use the adjusted measurement from step 2 to choose the appropriate size. The bracelet will fit more loosely if your measurement is at the upper end of a size range, likewise if it's closer to the lower end, it will fit snugly.
4. Check Size Options: Select the size that aligns with your adjusted wrist measurement and desired fit.
For example, if your wrist measures 6.5 inches, subtracting the 1-inch opening gap gives you 5.5 inches. You can then choose a cuff bracelet size that accommodates this measurement based on your fit preference.
Keep in mind the cuff bracelets allow you to slightly bend or flex them to achieve a custom fit.
▪️For the Cuff Bracelet by Elkhorn Silver™ the Opening = 1"

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