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Handcrafted Tiger's Eye Gemstone Ring in Sterling Argentium 935 Silver - Size 8 1/4

Handcrafted Tiger's Eye Gemstone Ring in Sterling Argentium 935 Silver - Size 8 1/4

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A stunning natural Tiger's Eye gemstone ring, handcrafted right here in Missouri and encased in a solid sterling 935 Argentium silver setting. This ring boasts a bold yet classic style that is certain to catch attention wherever you go. Crafted into a smooth cabochon and expertly polished, this gemstone showcases captivating hues of amber, honey, and golden brown, enhanced by unique banding and striations. The mesmerizing chatoyancy effect creates a striking cat's eye appearance, adding to its allure and mystery.

Details at a Glance:
- Size: 8 1/4
- Design: Cabochon
- Gemstone Dimensions: Length 16.95 x Width 13.90
- Handwork: Hand-cut & Polished cabochon stone
- Materials: Tiger's Eye gemstone and sterling Argentium® 935 Silver
- Eco-Friendly: Crafted with sustainability in mind, the materials used are eco-friendly and nature-friendly. The sterling Argentium 935 Silver is derived from 100% recycled silver, making it an environmentally conscious choice, complemented by nature-provided gemstones.
- Gift-Ready: This exquisite ring comes ready to gift in a stylish gift box, making it the perfect present for yourself or a loved one.

Embrace the beauty and energy of this Tiger's Eye gemstone ring, a true one-of-a-kind piece that reflects the wonders of nature and expert craftsmanship.

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