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Elkhorn Silver

Jasper Silver Pendant Necklace - Hand-Cut Polished, Hidden Dome Bail, in sterling 935 Argentium, Made in USA

Jasper Silver Pendant Necklace - Hand-Cut Polished, Hidden Dome Bail, in sterling 935 Argentium, Made in USA

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An exquisite Brecciated jasper gemstone pendant, a unique piece that combines nature's artistry with timeless elegance. Hand-cut and polished in our USA Missouri studio, to reveal a mesmerizing tapestry of rich reds, earthy browns, subtle grays, and delicate hints of creamy white. An enjoyable characteristic of this stone is its ability to change and reflect colors according to the lighting. Plus, the naturally occurring silver flakes shine when touched by light, further showcasing its unique character.
The hidden 'domed bail' is fashioned from premium sterling 935 Argentium® Silver, renowned for its exceptional resistance to tarnishing and its brilliant luster and to complete the look is an included 1.7 sterling 935 Argentium silver necklace.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, brecciated jasper is believed to have grounding and stabilizing properties, and is said to inspire a sense of vitality and connection to the earth, making it a meaningful addition to your jewelry collection.

► What Sets It Apart

Versatile: The pendant can be easily removed and the complementary chain can be worn alone or with other pendants or charms.
Elegant Shine: Argentium boasts a stunning, lasting shine that's also resistant to tarnishing.
Environmentally Friendly: sterling Argentium 935 consists of 100% Recycled Silver, a top-notch silver option that contains more silver than 925 Sterling silver and is tarnish resistant and hypoallergenic..
Ready to gift with a stylish gift box.
Please be aware that the rock depicted here was utilized in crafting this pendant; however, it is not available for purchase and is solely intended for illustrative purposes.

Length: 1.56" ~ 39.62 mm
Width: 1.18" ~ 29.97 mm
Depth: .25 ~ 6.35 mm
The pendant comes with a matching Argentium Silver chain. Length: 18" x  Width: .066" ~ 1.7 mm in Argentium® 935 Silver
Handwork: Hand-cut and Polished stone encased in hidden dome bail of sterling 935 Argentium®  Silver
Material: Brecciated Jasper and sterling 935 Argentium®  Silver

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