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Elkhorn Silver

One-of-a-Kind Pendant with Dendritic Agate Patterns - Handcrafted in Argentium® 935 Silver

One-of-a-Kind Pendant with Dendritic Agate Patterns - Handcrafted in Argentium® 935 Silver

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▪️A truly magnificent Dendritic Agate pendant, meticulously created in our USA studio. This exceptional cabochon pendant showcases striking black branching inclusions set against a background that transitions from opaque to partially translucent. The entire piece is gracefully encased in the shimmering embrace of Argentium® 935 Silver.
▪️ To complement its elegance, we've included a handcrafted single cable chain, also made from Argentium® 935 Silver.
▪️This exquisite pendant is a true embodiment of artistic craftsmanship and refined style. ▪️Add a touch of natural beauty and timeless elegance to your jewelry collection with our Elkhorn Silver™ Pendant

► What Sets It Apart
•Experience Comfortable Wear: Our 2.64" pendant is meticulously hand-cut for ultimate
comfort, ensuring a lightweight and delightful experience.
•Versatile Style: This handcrafted necklace offers both comfort and flexibility. It can be.
worn on its own or paired with other pendants or charms for a personalized look.
•Lasting Brilliance: Argentium shines beautifully and resists tarnishing.
•Eco-Friendly Choice: Sustainability is key! Argentium 935 is 100% Recycled Silver,
offering more purity than 925 Sterling silver. Hypoallergenic and nature-provided
gemstones complete the picture.
•Thoughtful Presentation: Your necklace arrives in a charming gift box.
💎The Details:


•Height: 2.62" ~ 66.54 mm includes the wire bail
•Wide; 1 .66" ~ 42.2 mm
•Depth: 0.17 ~ 4.43 mm
•Design: Cabochon
•Materials: Dendritic Agate  and Argentium® 935 Silver

►Complementaray Silver Cable Chain in Argentium® 935 Silver

•Clasp Type: Lobster
•Style: Cable
•Length: 18″ ~  457.2 mm ~ 45.72 cm
•Width: 0.18” ~ 4.5 mm ~ .45 cm

•Ready to Gift: It comes in that cool gift box you see in the picture, so it’s ready to give to someone special or treat yourself!

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