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Elkhorn Silver

Turritella Agate Oval Shape Pendant Necklace, Argentium 935 chain, Perfect Gift

Turritella Agate Oval Shape Pendant Necklace, Argentium 935 chain, Perfect Gift

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This Turritella Agate pendant has been handcut and polished in our Missouri USA studio to showcase the intricate patterns of these perfectly preserved fossilized snails originating from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. It's elegantly encased within a solid, oval flat-back bezel made of sterling Argentium® 935 Silver.

▪️What truly sets this design apart is the inclusion of a unique fossilized snail shell right at its center, ensuring that each piece is genuinely one-of-a-kind.
▪️To complete the ensemble, we have included a complementary 18-inch sterling Argentium 935 chain, adding an extra touch of sophistication to this exceptional piece.
▪️We are committed to sustainability, using eco-conscious and nature-friendly materials. Our sterling 935 Argentium Silver is crafted from 100% recycled silver, containing more silver than traditional 925 sterling silver And since we believe in the beauty of what mother nature offers, our rocks and gemstones are sourced straight from nature itself.
▪️Your pendant will arrive ready to gift, packaged in a stylish gift box.

►We invite you to discover even more of our handcrafted treasures by browsing our full range of locally crafted pendants, each showcasing a diverse array of exquisite natural stones.§ion_id=44535645

►The Details:
▪️Height:1.875" ~ 47.62 mm
▪️Width: 1.13" ~ 28.7 mm
▪️Depth: .375"  ~ 9.5 mm
▪️Materials: Turritella Agate (also known as Elimia tenera) sterling Argentium 935 silver
▪️Origin: Green River Formation Wyoming
▪️Handwork: Cabochon
▪️Complementary Chain: Length: 18" x  Width: .066" ~ 1.7 mm in sterling Argentium® 935 Silver

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